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UNSTUCK is a new initiative to create jobs for refugees by leveraging companies’ supply chains

UNSTUCK is the Tent Partnership for Refugees’ first consumer-facing initiative. UNSTUCK generates job opportunities for refugees by working with brands to develop products made with ingredients that are sourced from suppliers hiring refugees.

UNSTUCK uses the power of the market to create change. The more UNSTUCK products sold, the more ingredients sourced, the more jobs created — decent, lawful jobs that help rebuild families and communities.

To start, UNSTUCK will support Venezuelan refugees

More than 5 million Venezuelans — almost 20% of the population — have been forced to flee their country due to violence, political repression, and economic collapse. Neighboring Colombia alone is hosting about 2 million Venezuelan refugees. While the Colombian government’s response has been exemplary, it receives very little foreign aid.

UNSTUCK brand partners are not only generating jobs for refugees, they’re supporting the economies and businesses supporting displaced Venezuelans in Latin America.

When people buy UNSTUCK products they:

Generate Jobs

Help generate jobs for refugees

Support Communities

Support the host communities welcoming them

Back Companies

Back the companies stepping up to the challenges

Why the name UNSTUCK?

Refugees’ lives are often “stuck” when they first arrive in their new countries. Their careers and education are on hold, and they lack access to basic services like health, education, and banking, and the support networks they had at home. A job is the best first step to starting a new life. It’s how they get UNSTUCK.

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